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Elizabeth Casos Draney, D.C.

Spa Director, Chiropractic Physician, Owner of R Haus Spa, Utah Spine & Accident Clinic, and Draney Chiropractic

Dr. Draney (or as some of her patients call her, Dr. D) completed her undergraduate work at BYU, and then left the chilly weather to attend Los Angeles College of Chiropractic in southern California, just 3 miles from Disneyland. She has been practicing most of the last 20 years in the Jordan Landing shopping center in West Jordan. While in school, she obtained a fellowship in pediatrics and pregnancy from the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association.


She has an unquenched thirst for acquiring knowledge in all things chiropractic, plant-based nutrition, functional movement, essential oils, and desires everyone to be their own advocate for informed medical decision making. She thrives on being able to give patients an alternative to medications and invasive procedures. Patients have been turning to her for two decades to help find answers to health concerns by using a more natural approach. Dr. Draney's favorite past time is spending time with her kids playing card and board games, playing pickleball, and golfing. She recently became certified as a scuba diver and plans to make it her new hobby. One of her new businesses, Game Rx, falls in line with her philosophy that laughter is the best medicine for better health and brain function. She practices happiness and is addicted to gratitude.

Kristen Willoughby


Spa Manager

Kristen Willoughby, Spa Manager, new to Utah, traveled across the country in an RV with her husband, son and 4 cats. She loves all creatures but especially horses and cats. She is taking advantage of cool mornings on her days off to go hiking and photographing Utah. Kristen also volunteers with non-profit organizations and fosters cats.


Nicole Herrera

Spa Coordinator

Nicole Herrera, Spa Coordinator of R Haus Spa. Several years ago she found her way to Utah from Arizona. Her relocation might explain why she wears several layers of clothing, and is somehow still cold in the middle of the summer, even with a heater running by her desk.  Her favorite time of day just might be when she is relaxing in her sauna. She is dedicated to her husband, her two kids, and her dog. She is taking cooking classes with Forks Over Knives as she embarks on a Whole Food Plant Based lifestyle for optimum health. Nicole is kind, witty and keeps us laughing.


Kylie Saiz

Licensed Master Esthetician

Kylie Saiz,  Licensed Master Esthetician. She graduated from Cameo College of Essential Beauty. There she learned a wide variety of services, beauty tips, and an overall abundance of valuable information. She recently became a small business owner, (Beauty From Within) and she is excited to

see where it takes her and what the future holds for her.

She loves all things skincare- from the science behind every cell, all of the layers, and how it all works together. Nothing brings her heart more joy than helping people feel good about themselves, relax, reach a goal, become more educated, and get results.  Her favorite treatments to perform are micro-needling, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion. She wholeheartedly believes that at the end of the day true beauty comes from within the soul, the shine in someone’s eyes, and the laughter in their smile. That’s her favorite thing about what she does, enhancing what is already there! She believes that work never feels like work when you are loving what you do. 


Kylie is married to the love of her life and she has a beautiful little girl who keeps their lives full of sunshine. 

They moved from Colorado to Utah six years ago, and they're loving it so far! They enjoy all 4 seasons of the year and exploring the outdoors. Their summers are spent soaking up the sun-hiking, exploring nature, camping, fishing, road trips, and getting lost in the beauty. Winters are spent sledding, playing in the snow, and ice fishing. She loves traveling and being spontaneous. Trying new things are her jam! Everyone that knows her knows her love and obsession for coffee, sunsets/sunrises, candles and rainy days. 

Naomi Mackert, LMT


Licensed Massage Therapist

Naomi decided to become a massage therapist in 2013 because she wanted to help people escape chronic pain cycles. She specializes in customizing massages to align with each person's specific needs. She is experienced in treating clients who are injured in auto accidents. She wants every client to enjoy the benefits of a relaxing massage in order to feel their very best! Naomi is also certified in the AromaTouch Technique through doTerra. She is a mom of 8, grandma of 10 and has had to learn a great deal of patience and understanding. She loves hiking, biking, and anything outdoorsy. She has a passion for health and wellness , and believes that the body has the ability to heal itself given the opportunity. 


Licensed Massage Therapist

Koby Sandoval, LMT

Coming Soon!

I had the relaxing facial. It was such a lovely experience. Kylie was sweet, she used such great smelling products and gave me a mini massage. I was so relaxed and my face absolutely glowed afterwards. I can’t wait to go back!



I had the relaxing facial. It was such a lovely experience. Kylie was sweet, she used such great smelling products and gave me a mini massage. I was so relaxed and my face absolutely glowed afterwards. I can’t wait to go back!

-Nicole H.