Teeth Whitening in West Jordan, Utah

R Haus Spa

Teeth Whitening in West Jordan, Utah

Restore your smile with rapid teeth whitening at R Haus Spa. Brighten your teeth and enhance your smile with our high-intensity, UV Light that combines with 35% carbamide teeth whitening solution to accelerate the multi-shade whitening of your teeth. Our teeth whitening is a series of 3 treatments. 

Teeth Whitening with UV Light  

You may be wondering is UV teeth whitening safe? First, think about alternative teeth whitening solutions such as whitening gels, strips, and pens. Many of these solutions include harmful ingredients, like bleach, which can damage tooth enamel and roots. Not good! UV light is one of the safest options for whitening your teeth. 

Does UV Light Actually Whiten Teeth?

UV light combined with the carbamide ​is what does the trick! Carbamide, simply put, is a peroxide. Together the two make an incredible pair in removing stains. UV light and the carbamide gel rapidly lighten teeth for a brighter smile. The UV light, or blue light, activates the carbamide for a beautiful deep clean.  

How to Get a Brighter Smile

Ready for a brighter smile? Teeth whitening at R Haus Spa is the way to go. ​Our teeth whitening solution will help you go 6-8 shades whiter than before. We know everyone deserves to have an amazing smile. This is especially important for special occasions such as weddings, graduations, or promotions. 

Rejoice with your new smile! We will have your smile restored and looking your best in just 3 sessions of 30-minutes. The price reflects the total for three sessions. 


Teeth Whitening

UV Light​ combined with carbamide gel restores your teeth to a natural, beautiful white. 

  • Removes stains

  • Brighter, whiter teeth


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